Mercy Health Saint Mary's Guest Artist Series

It is our belief that art is an important factor in healing, and can transform areas into a more enriching environment that nourishes our well being, improves recovery and even boosts staff morale. Mercy Health Saint Mary’s is committed to enhancing our space with art because of the effect that it has on our patients as well as our associates.

The Guest Artist Series, presented by the Saint Mary’s Foundation, plays a key role in enhancing our space and enriching our environment. We appreciate the talent you lend to our community and enjoy giving you a venue to have your work seen, enjoyed, and part of the healing process of the community.

We invite our Guest Artists to display their art for a two month time span in the front lobby of Mercy Health Saint Mary's. 25% of the sale of all art goes back to the Saint Mary's Foundation Art Fund to purchase more art.

2014 Schedule:

The 2014 Guest Artist Series is currently being placed on hold while we renovate our front lobby, The new lobby will feature a dedicated space for our guest artists.

Past Guest Artists include:

Loretta Sailors, Steven Huyser-Honig, Mary E. Andersen, Virginia Wieringa, Karen Sleigh – Bold Strokes for Art, Patti Sevensma, Midge Pippel , Kathryn D. Pirog, George Peebles, Becky Taylor, Doris Larsen, Michigan Art Education Association, Sandy Jackoboice, Ted Swoboda , Carol Rockwall, Robert Koval, Monte Nagler, Erick Pichardo, Karen Diedrich, Geri Kartes, Lisa Prusinski, Pamela Alderman, Richard Karas, Peter Allen, Kathleen Kalinowski, Larry Blovitz, Connie Kuhnle, Georgia Donovan, LeAnne J. Sowa, Barb Thorne, Valentina Grigorieva, Rosalind Ebrom, Sheila Grant, Bonnie Cypher, Elaine Dalcher, Paul Ptersen, Kenda Postma, Linda Southwell and Stacy Niedzwiecki


If you are interested in being considered for the Guest Artist Series, please contact Keri Kujala at for more information on how to apply.